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The Right to Roam campaign exists because of the generous donations from supporters like you. Together we can win the right to explore our woodlands, swim in our rivers and sleep under the stars.

Since 2020 we have been telling the story of our exclusion from the land. We have trespassed the great estates of England, exposing the vast swathes of countryside still kept out of reach of the public. We have defended our existing rights on Dartmoor and beyond. Thanks to these efforts: access to our land and water is back on the agenda. And we have lobbied hard to make a true right to roam a real political possibility.

We are winning. And with your support, we can finish the job.

If you believe in the Right to Roam and want to support the work we’re doing, please consider becoming a regular supporter by donating monthly. The less time we spend fundraising the more time we have to get the real work done. We are not seeking to become a legacy organisation. We are not wasting money on pointless offices or running a bulky organisational machine. Everything we do, everything you give us, goes towards one goal.

The next two years will be crucial for this campaign. A new government is coming. There are sceptics to be won over. Local groups to empower. A new culture of the land to be seeded.

With your support, we can build it all. 


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