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We need everyone to get involved if we want free, fair and informed access throughout England. Remember: trespass is not a criminal offence!


The rights we have today were given through mass public support so let's push policymakers to extend our Right to Roam.

1. Trespass for access - take action locally!

We're building a bank of evidence that the public know how to love and care for nature. Join us! Document your trespass via the Trespassers Companion website - we have so much evidence of peaceful land access across the country. Want to get educated on your rights? Check out our Ten Tools for Land Justice to get started.​

2. Join our local actions, wherever you live!




Our local groups are people wanting to explore their local landscape, connect with other land justice groups and expand the web of connection between us all.


Our local groups are grass roots and learning as we go. We have monthly support sessions and supprt if you want to start something up near you!


This can be a book club to learn about land jusice history, a mapping workshop to get confident navigating or exhibitions connecting with artists to explore the injustice in your area.

If you have capacity to take action for land justice, get in touch with someone from your area using the link above or contact if you want to set a group up in your local area.

Together we can rebalance this disparity of access and have nature available for everyone to connect with.


3. Donate to keep us going! 

From our origins around a little kitchen table three years ago, we've grown to include tens of thousands of supporters. We've made huge progress in taking the Right to Roam across the country and right up to the doors of parliament. 

To keep going, we need YOUR SUPPORT. Donations will pay for things such as future trespasses including coach travel to ensure people can get there for free, delivering workshops to help trespassers know their rights and to pay our campaign team for their labour so we can keep going until we win the Right to Roam.

Make a donation here - thank you!

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