Private Woodland.png


We're very excited to announce that our next mass trespass will be held in Devon near Totnes on 8th May, come and invite your friends and family!

We will be trespassing in the Berry Pomeroy woodlands, owned by the Duke of Somerset who excludes us from them to raise and shoot hundreds of pheasants.

Every year, over 20 MILLION pheasants are released to be shot in the Eglish countryside, causing long-term ecological damage.

Woodlands are perhaps the healthiest environment for the public and our immersion in woodlands benefits us all. Science has shown that immersion in woodlands can reduce stress and boost the immune system for days afterwards.

It's time for big landowners to open up their woodlands, not to shoot more pheasants but for the sake of us peasants!

Join us for a mass trespass to reclaim our right to our ancient woodlands, a right which should belong to us all.