18th to 26th June is National Picnic Week. What could be a more wonderful way of celebrating the summer countryside than by holding a trespass picnic?

We’re encouraging individuals and groups across England to gather together during National Picnic week and to deliberately picnic in large swathes of lands which we are forbidden from entering. We’re not talking about people’s back gardens; we mean things like huge estates owned by dukes, areas which in Scotland would be considered our right to access, but in England we are unfairly forbidden from entering. This will not be a coordinated mass trespass, but a series of informal summer events.

You can find more info about Where and How to trespass responsibly via the Trespasser’s Companion (see below) and can also print off our “Everybody Welcome” signs and letters to landowners here and here. You can attach these to the relevant fences to show why it is important to open up the debate, and the countryside.

A big part of our campaign is showing that we all want the right to peacefully and happily enjoy nature. Having a picnic might be one of the most peaceful things you can do but today in the 92% of the English countryside we are barred from, it’s also one of the most subversive!

So gather your friends and families together and enjoy the English summer through a series of lovely trespass picnics. We all have the right to peacefully and responsibly enjoy our time in the countryside. We should all have the Right to Roam.